Week Two Summary – Run Goal – 12/9/18 – 12/15/18

I mentioned last week that we weren’t starting the Run Goal until this week.  It’s tough getting into ketosis and getting cardio in the first week.  I’m old and I just don’t enjoy the pain that much anymore.  That being said, we had 3 runs scheduled this week and we got all 3 of them done.  I say 3 runs but I’m not sure what I did this week any runner would actually consider “running”.  Gotta start somewhere.  

So far so good with the Nike Run app.  They have a coach section, you put in your goal and completion date, give it a few more bits of personal information about long run and pace and voila, you have a plan.  In theory it should adapt for me over the course of the program.  In my case, I targeted 6/1/19 for a half marathon.  I told it my long run right now was 1 mile and my best pace was 14min/mile.  It’s all true, it’s really that bad.

My last half marathon was in April of 2013.  At the time I was roughly 50lbs lighter and I was running a sub ten minute mile on short runs.  After my 1 mile intro long run today, that seems like 100 years ago.  Again, gotta start somewhere.  

I gotta say, the Garmin data is far superior.  Their interface is better.  Apple GPS seems to work pretty well.  All in all I miss my Garmin for running, but every other moment of the week Apple Watch is far superior.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my pathetic first long run summary:

The first run this week was half a mile, and the second was a Benchmark run.  Benchmark is basically warm up for 7 minutes, run your ass off for 3 minutes then cool down for 5 minutes.  

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