Week Two Summary – Weight Goal – 12/9/18 – 12/15/18

This was a difficult week.  I added a pound since last Saturday’s reading.  I have a lot of reasons as to why that might have happened and I’m sure it’s justified but I hate not seeing some progress week to week. 

I’m backing off of supplementation for a while.  It just doesn’t seem necessary at this point and I’m pretty sure the protein supplementation knocked me out of ketosis for a day this week.  Since I’ve stopped the creatine, glutamine and protein stack I’ve quickly moved back into ketosis with better numbers.  This morning was the highest so far with a reading of 1.3 

I started on the running goal this week as well, which I imagined was going to make it easier to maintain ketosis as well as give me that 1 or 2lb loss I was looking for this week.  The runs are so small at this point though I can see why it wouldn’t have made a big difference.  

I’m going to start the Peleton this week.  Goal is 20min of HIIT first thing in the morning, everyday except the long run day.

One final thing for the week, on Day 13 without beer:


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