Week Three Summary – 1000lb Goal – 12/16/18 – 12/22/18

Bench: 235 – 5×5
Squat: 255 – 5×5
Deadlift: 245 – 1×5

Total: 735

Since I’ve been back into the 5×5 workouts, the squats have consistently worn my back out by the 5th set, to the point where I need to sit for a couple of minutes to keep from cramping up. That seems to have stopped this week. I noticed this after Friday’s squats and decided I’d load up the deadlifts a bit, we took a 10lb jump on Friday instead of 5lb and all went well.

I have some sort of tennis elbow thing going on, it’s not effecting the big lifts but I can’t do any tricep work w/o pain. We took a break from triceps on yesterdays Alternate WO .. which is really just a vanity workout anyway, no effect on the 1000lb process. I’ve considered just dumping it but tris, bis, and traps are awesome decorations.

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