Week Four Summary – Run Goal – 12/23/18 – 12/29/18

It’s official, I hate Nike Run Club. It’s quite literally the worst app I’ve ever used to run with. The final straw was the “tempo” run. I was supposed to do 6 – 400m runs with a 2 minute rest between them. I managed to start the run via the app, it eventually showed up on my watch, but it gave no indication when the 400m intervals were finished and when I should walk. So I just kept running.. angry..

Beyond that, I’d been doing the assigned runs by clicking on them in my “plan”, which would start the run. At the end I clicked what I needed to, to finish and then I would typically spend 5 minutes fishing around in the app to try to get the run to map back to the program.. seriously, just terrible.

I’m back to mapmyfitness.com now. They were literally the best 10 years ago and surprisingly all my data is still there from the last time I used it, pre garmin. They now have the ability to create a plan as well. So far so good.

Had one really bad run this week on Thursday, a mile and a half on big hills. I really thought I was going to die. I haven’t run again since then as my diet, sleep and pretty much everything has been off due to the holidays. Back at it this week after Tuesday though. This is turning out to be much harder than it was for me 5 years ago.

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