Week Six Summary – Weight Goal – 01/06/19 – 01/12/19

Don’t get me wrong.. I love Tank Abbott.. but this is what I see when I look in the mirror right now. Now.. Tank is a killing machine.. I’m just a fat old guy with hidden muscle. I gotta believe with that physique that Tank loves beer as much as I do.. and despite his desire to dominate in the octagon.. the desire for beer was stronger. Seems like I even remember him having a beer before a fight. Maybe

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Week Six Summary – 1000lb Goal – 01/06/19 – 01/12/19

Bench: 255 – 5×5Squat: 285 – 5×5Deadlift: 265 – 1×5 Total: 805 It’s hard to argue with progress even if it’s small. In terms of my 31 week objectives, this is the objective that’s working for me right now. I’m not sure what it is, but as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t find the love for running that I once had. As mentioned in this week’s running summary, I’m hanging it up for a while. My focus is going

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